Guidelines for Nonviolent Action

The following guidelines will apply on the site of actions involving Spray Free NZ activists and supporters. Because such guidelines constitute the only guarantee that our actions will not be blindsided by provocation or violence, they are an integral part of our projects and will not be modified. These are minimum standards which will be insisted upon in a strictly nonviolent manner. In no way do they constitute abstract moral judgements. Rather, they provide a framework for the use of strategic nonviolence in the context of our actions. Since every person present on the designated sites will be committed to respecting these standards, no opening is made for foggy interpretations attempting to justify uncontrolled vandalism or violence against people.

To guarantee the proper unfolding of actions and ensure their success, the following guidelines will prevail on the various sites of our actions. These include the premises and other locations used for the immediate preparation of our mobilizations. The effectiveness of these rules will first and foremost rest on the personal commitment and the self-discipline of each activist. In case of non-respect, the collective approach used to apply these rules will be one of persuasion and of nonviolent intervention between citizens, never one of violent repression.The epicenter and the perimeter constituting the site of the actions will be clearly determined, known and publicized in advance. Our guidelines and our intervention will be limited to the immediate surroundings of the sites which we will be using and occupying, not anywhere else. Our parameters will aim to protect the integrity and the nonviolent character of the specific actions organized by us. A diversity of tactics entails respect for the environment of those who wish to engage in strategically nonviolent actions. These parameters for nonviolent action will apply to any individual present on the site of our actions.

No weapon may be brought or used on the various sites of our actions.

During our actions, people present on site will abstain from any physical or verbal violence, including insults. Our attitude will be one of openness towards anyone we encounter.

Individuals present on the site of our actions will not commit any property damage.

Individuals present on the site of our actions will not consume alcohol or mood-altering drugs.

Spray Free Streets will provide non-violent direct action (NVDA) and/or media training so that our activities can be as safe and as successful as possible. If you are planning your own action, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to request any training needs that can be tailored to your needs.