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Many groups of concerned citizens have worked for over 20 years to get dangerous chemicals off our streets and parks – but the current Auckland Council are working very hard to undo all their work. We want to make a change to a chemical-free and healthy environment for all Aucklanders – and we can’t do it alone. There are lots of ways you can help in demanding a Spray Free Auckland.

1. Fill out the form on this page to add your name to our open letter.

2. Like our Facebook page and share our updates.

3. Volunteer
There are a wide range of roles, and all support is valued, even if it’s just a share on Facebook or Twitter. This also means we can get in touch with you ASAP to let you know about what we’re planning. If you’ve got any special skills or ideas you want to tell us about, get in contact with us through our Facebook or Email Address we’re keen to hear!