Ideas for Action

Let’s take this offline and onto the streets and parks.  Here are some ideas of things you can do and if you want to get in contact with others, sign up to volunteer below:

  • Placard Your Park – So many Aucklanders don’t know what is being sprayed in their parks and some still think they live in a non-chemical legacy area.  Put some placards up around your park to let people know the dangers. 
  • Spray Free Streets – get together with your neighbors and add them all to the No Spray Register.  Put a poster up on your street sign that says “Spray Free Zone”.  Imagine if spray trucks had to skip every second street?
  • Bee Creative – Dress up as a bee at your next local council meeting and tell the story of how Glyphosate damages bee populations.  Get your neighbors to dress in hazmat suits to tell your community about what Glyphosate really means.  Make a nuisance of yourself on spray day: Play hopscotch, a Ring a Ring o’ Roses or have a skipping competition in your hazmat suit so they can’t spray.
  • Be Safe – We are talking about a very dangerous chemical, so please do not approach a spray truck without hazardous materials protection.  This is a non-violent movement and there are ways to disrupt business-as-usual without putting yourself or others in harm’s way.  Please contact us if you need any advice, training or help.
  • Parents Care – We have found that the people who care the most are parents and through them schools should care too.  Get your fellow parents together and talk to your schools, request to speak at a PTA meeting, demand to know how grounds keepers at your local school manage vegetation.  If they won’t tell you – what does that tell you?
  • Piggy-Back – If like-minded people are organizing a meeting, request to speak at it and give people something to do (i.e. sign our Open Letter).  It’s hard-work getting people together at one time so take advantage of these opportunities.
  • Keep in Contact – The old adage if “we can’t see it, it didn’t happen” holds true with all movements.  Take videos and photos of anything you do and send them to our email address and share them on our Facebook page.  Sign people up to our Open Letter to put pressure on the decision-makers.  Let’s make sure that we can contact people so that we can grow.
  • Volunteer

    There are a wide range of roles, and all support is valued, even if it’s just a share on Facebook or Twitter. This also means we can get in touch with you ASAP to let you know about what we’re planning. If you’ve got any special skills or ideas you want to tell us about, get in contact with us through our Facebook or Email Address we’re keen to hear!

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